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The mission of the Outlaw Marijuana Oral History Project is to tell the story of how a diffuse legion of smugglers, growers, dealers and political radicals fought a war of attrition with the most powerful government in the world and won. The current $7 billion a year legal marijuana market would not exist today had it not been for the efforts of those who put their freedom on the line to ensure that America’s insatiable Third Eye remained pleasantly reddened. My goal is to chronicle the birth, rise, and golden age of an industry unlike any other in the history of the United States, to capture the true story of marijuana as told by the pirates, poets, radicals, visionaries, and madmen who lived it. It's a tale that must not be lost.

The Outlaw Marijuana Oral History Project

Once compiled, these stories will not only detail the legacy of an illegal plant, but will provide an alternate history of postwar America, one where the bad guys are not the criminals, the policeman is not your friend, and the politician is not the guarantor of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Above all this will be a tale of high adventure played out against even higher stakes, a cinematic odyssey through the love-ins, protests, riots, rock concerts, drug parties, foreign dope meccas, guerrilla gardens, courtrooms, and prison cells where outlaw life both thrived and crashed.

Do you have a story? A juicy tale about the outlaw years that you only tell in certain company? Contact me. Anonymity is assured for those who do not wish to use their real names. I was the Cultivation Editor at High Times magazine for many years. I can keep a secret.




Chris Simunek

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