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The Legend of White Boy Rick

In the coming months, you will be hearing a lot about White Boy Rick, which is the street name of Richard Wershe Jr., who, while still a teenager, managed to be sentenced to life for cocaine distribution. A large part of the reason people are now being hipped to Rick’s story is due to the journalism of Seth Ferranti, who himself did 21 years in prison on a drug conspiracy charge when he was a young man. And while the two have never met in person, a correspondence Wershe and Ferranti began while both were still in prison over a decade ago has culminated in the documentary, White Boy, a film directed by Shawn Rech and produced by Ferranti, which tells the true story of a kid who was taken advantage of by police, befriended by gangsters, and then railroaded by a corrupt political machine worried about its exposure. Read More...

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